Photo Gallery: Raphael Sbarge

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Dr. Hopper, Psychologist, on ABC's Once Upon a Time, Sundays at 8pm. "Henry's psychologist, Archibald Hopper (AKA Jiminy Cricket), discovered his 'conscience' the hard way: He lived it. Not learned from books, or a university, he learned it at 'the school of hard knocks.' A man who innately wants to do the right thing—like all of us—but sometimes achieving that high standard is fraught with moral dilemmas, challenges and perhaps new opportunities to choose wisely."

In Fairy Tale Land, he’s the little voice that always reminds you to do the right thing. We all know him as Pinocchio’s confidant, ever trying to steer the marionette-made-boy clear of the rocky shoals of temptation. But haven’t you ever wondered where Jiminy was coming from when he strolled by the window of Geppetto’s shop on that magical night when the blue fairy made Pinocchio a real boy? 

Cast: ONCE UPON A TIME, at the 2100 ABC Press Interviews.

Mass Effect (1, 2, and 3) the top-rated video experience: Voiced by Raphael Sbarge as Kaidan Alenko; a human Sentinel and a Systems Alliance Marine. Mass Effect 3 to be released in early 2012.


Theater: (left) The Happy Ones, the story of an Orange County, CA, man who must rediscover his optimism in the wake of tragedy, starring Raphael Sbarge with Greg Watanabe. (right) The Cherry Orchard, with Annette Benning and Alfred Molina.



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Raphael Sbarge is well respected as an acting teacher and coach.

At Disneyland, with his namesake character (who recycles!), Jiminy Cricket.